Circular, Branding & Sales Ads

Design circulars, branding, & sales ads using brand guidelines.
Tweeter Inc. holiday sales circular
Tweeter Inc. branding ad

DVD Product Packaging & Screens

DVD cover design, DVD video navigation, chapter, lower 3rds and credits.

Mathew Gnagy DVD Package and Label image
Mathew Gnagy DVD Package and Label image

Print Ads

Design of cross-promotional Stitch magazine ads for DVD collections, the associated sewing community, and current print issues.
Stitch magazine ad
Sew Daily online resources magazine ad

Brochure Collateral

Fundraising brochure for Alliance for the Arts.

Alliance for the Arts Fundraising Brochure

Event Flyer Collateral

Design of the Nate the Great fundraiser event flyer promoting membership to the Alliance for the Arts.

Fundraiser Event Flyer

Media Kit Collateral

Design of media kit versions for Hispanic Business magazine following brand guidelines and creating custom graphs and imagery.

Hispanic Business Media Kit
Hispanic Business media kit
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